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Aclam’s largest standard guitar pedal board, the Evo Track® L2 – free routing, will take care of that pro rig,
keeping pedals totally secured with the extra-strong Velcro® strips included.
With spaces between slats, the free routing options will allow passing cables from the top to the bottom of this guitar pedal board,
keeping the top part clear of cables.



Aclam’s Velcro® line of pedalboards, Evo Track® guitar pedal boards, have been thought for those players who aren’t ready to quit Velcro®
and want to enjoy of the modular features and quality finish that Aclam’s proposals offer.

Do not use a great amount of Velcro® on the pedals if you don’t want to have a hard time removing them. They are really extra-strong strips.

Thinking of the possibility of trying the Smart Track® fastening method? You won’t need to buy a new pedalboard for that.
By flipping the guitar pedal board over and adding some fasteners you will convert your Evo Track® L2 – free routing into a Smart Track® L2 – free routing.



Aclam’s free cable routing guitar pedal boards will allow you to route cables through the spaces between slats.
Giving more flexibility when it comes to your perfect pedal chain management than its top routing counterpart.

Use one of the Tidy Cables cable management options to keep cables attached to the guitar pedal board across the existing grooves on both sides of the track.



Aclam’s Evo Track® L2 – free routing guitar pedal board is also Smart.
At least it can use any of the accessories that build up the modular system all Aclam pedalboards use.

Elevating one track to have easier access to the farthest row of pedals can be achieved with the Upper.
This option will leave you with a two-tiered pedalboard. Which could be problematic if you use an expression pedal or wahwah. In this scenario the Wahpper is your choice.
This accessory will lift part of the track, so you will be left with enough flat space at one side to attach those bulkier effects.

The power supplies can find a spot underneath the guitar pedal board with the PSU Supports available.

Choose to purchase the Evo Track® L2 – free routing pedalboard with a soft case or hard case if you are planning to move it around.
By acquiring it together you will save some money than if you buy the cases separately later. Think about it.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

none, soft case, hard case

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