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Most of Aclam’s pedalboards include adjustable feet in order give the most appropriate inclination to the board depending on factors such as personal preference, uneven floors or gear you want to place underneath the board. If you have lost or broken them, or own the XS1 model, which is the only one in catalog that doesn’t include adjustable pedalboard feet, here is the spare part you can buy individually. Check Aclam’s pedalboard accessories, we ship worldwide!



Aclam adjustable pedalboard feet have the advantage of giving flexibility regarding where to place the pedalboard. Doesn’t matter if
the stage or rehearsal room has a bumpy floor, as you will be able to regulate both adjustable pedalboard feet to gain stability
while others experience the wobbly pedalboard syndrome.
Sold individually in the custom accessory section of Aclam’s online store.



All Aclam’s pedalboards and pedalboard accessories components can be purchased separately, you will never have to buy the whole
system just because your misplaced or broke certain piece.
Don’t panic if you can’t find a specific component, just contact us and we will sort it out in no time.
Aclam’s adjustable pedalboard feet are made of stainless steel and have a polypropylene base that will minimize vibrations and
maximize stability.
Check these and other pedalboard bits and pieces at the custom accessories section of the online store,
don’t allow your pedalboard to be less efficient due to some damaged pieces.

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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