aclam hybrid track xs2 – top routing

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Aclam’s pro pedalboards include two fastening methods, the Velcro®-less Smart Track® and the Evo Track® using this popular hook and loop. These pedalboards can reverse into each other, giving the chance of choosing between the two options. But what if I want it all? We know how to make our greediest customers happy. Combine both fastening methods at the same time with the Hybrid Track XS2 – top routing. Nothing will be the same again!


Aclam’s choices between Velcro® or Fasteners won’t escalate into an irreconcilable divided society. But just in case we have
the option of using both systems at the same time with the XS2 hybrid track. Use Velcro® on the pedals you already own with these sticky strips attached
to them and Fasteners for new pedals that you want to keep untouched forever.
These pro pedalboards can be reversed into Smart Track® – top routing options, just in case you decide to quit Velcro®



With Aclam’s top cable routing pro pedalboards you will have to manage cabling across the top side of the pedalboard.
You could think it’s a mess to have cables all over the pedalboard, but Aclam designed the cable management Tidy Cables
so you could easily route wires across the board using the Hybrid Track® XS2 – top routing grooves. A tidy top routing layout
will ease detecting pedal chain problems, as you will avoid having to turn over a fully-loaded pedalboard to check which
connection is failing. Check out our free routing models if you want to do under.



Aclam’s Hybrid Track® XS2 – top routing pedalboard can be customized with any of the accessories available for Evo Track® and Smart Track®
Tier management can be done using the Upper or Wahpper.
Power supplies can be placed underneath the pro pedalboard using the PSU Supports available.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

none, soft case

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