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The Tate FX Booster is a JFET based booster.
It allows you to increase the volume up to +15dB and get out of the mix.

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peek a boost

The Tate FX Booster Skull is based on a JFET and allows to increase the volume up to +15dB.
It’s the booster you need to get out of the mix and stand out in solos.
As scary as it is effective, it adds a slight crush and also brings a slight color to the sound.
Perfect for adjusting an amp that’s a little too weak, highlighting an overdrive or adjusting line losses.

the skull booster

The tate FX skull booster uses carefully selected transistors.
1% metal film resistors and the best capacitors on the market are integrated.
Tate FX pedals have a 5.5*2.1mm negative center Boss style power connector. There are no place for batteries inside.

about tate fx

Tate FX, a British pedal company, produces some of the most popular pedals in the UK.
These pedals are handmade and built to the highest specification with high quality parts.
Tate FX’s founder, Stuart Tate, began building pedals in January 2014.
The company has grown from a simple hobby to a full-fledged brand.
Tate FX pedals sound great because of the quality of the parts, circuit design, and precise component selection.

When designing new pedals like the Skull Booster, Stuart looks to improve upon established classics with user feedback.
Otherwise there’s the Tate FX Sovereign that push and boost more on the trebles inspired by the Rangemaster.

Find the whole range of Tate FX pedals on our website HERE

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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