how does it work?


1. Buy the pedal you’d love to try

2. Try it at home for 30 days for free

3. You love it, then keep it! It’s yours

4. You think you’d rather try another one?

Then send us an email with the name of the pedal you want to try in exchange for the previous one.

Send the first pedal back to our factory.

We inspect it and verify that it is in a good aesthetic condition with all its packaging.

If the new pedal is cheaper, we refund you the difference.

If the new pedal is more expensive, you have to pay the difference.

Then we send you the new pedal and you enjoy it

5. You just want to send it back and get refund?

Please send it back, we will inspect its outer appearance and packaging as noted above.

It needs to be as clean as when we sent it first, even if your pedal will go into B stock after inspection.

Then you decide if you prefer a credit note or a refund.

any questions? hesitation?

Please contact us


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