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Last update: in 15/04/2021

The present terms of sale are concluded between:

On one hand the company Anasounds SAS with a capital of 30.000 euros.
SIRET 81766600100018, VAT number fr32817666001, headquarter address 9, rue Jean Baptiste Spinetta 06000 Nice.
Below mentioned “Anasounds” or “seller”.

And on the other hand, any natural or legal entity wishing to proceed to a purchase on the web site of anasounds.com.
below “the customer” or “the buyer”.

article 1 – object

The present terms of sale aim at defining the contractual relations between Anasounds and the buyer, as well as the conditions applicable to any purchase made by means of the anasounds.com retail website, that the buyer is professional or consumer.

The acquisition of the good or the service through the present site implies an unconditional acceptance by the buyer of the present terms of sale. These terms of sale apply with the exception of any other conditions, in particular that current in store. They will prevail over any other general or particular conditions not expressly please by Anasounds.

Anasounds saves itself the possibility of modifying its terms of sale at any time.

In this case, the applicable conditions will be the ones current in the date of order by the buyer.

article 2 – proposed goods and services

Products in catalog are the ones made by Anasounds SAS but also certain products imported by the other manufacturers. these products are available within the limits of stocks.

The photos of the catalog are the most faithful possible but cannot assure a similarity completed with the offered product, in particular as regards colors.

article 3 – stock b

Products sold in the category stock-B have a particular regime.

These articles benefit from lower prices at the prices usually practised by Anasounds, they were selected on the following criteria:

products received in our stocks with:

– A damaged packaging.

– A defect of esthetic order, (defect of varnishs, scratches, sinkings, cover damaged etc.).

– A noticed breakage.

Products having been the object of a customer return:

– For personal suitability.

– For a defect of esthetic order.

– A noticed breakage.

In every case these equipments were the object of a rigorous examination: they were controlled and/or repaired so that their functional qualities are attested.

By buying instruments and equipments of the category stock-B you benefit from the legal right of retraction of 30 days.

The deadlines of sending of products in stock B can be extended from 48/72 hours.

The relegated products being unique, they benefit from a specific guarantee, in case of impossibility of repair, they will be replaced by a similar article.

article 4 – price lists

The prices of our products delivered in metropolitan France and in Europe are indicated in euros inclusive of all taxes except contribution to costs of treatment and expedition. The prices of our products delivered in the french overseas departments and territories and except Europe are indicated in euros exclusive of tax, except contribution to costs of treatment and expedition. The payment of the applicable VAT, as well as the customs duties is made by the customer with the local fiscal and customs authorities. Anasounds reserve the right to modify his prices at any time, being however heard that the price shown the day of the order will be the only one applicable to the buyer.

article 5 – orders

The confirmation of the order pull acceptance of the present terms of sale, the gratitude to have completed it knowledge and the renunciation to take advantage of its own purchasing terms or of other conditions. The set of the supplied data and the recorded confirmation will be worth proof of the transaction. The confirmation will be worth signature and acceptance of the made operations.

Anasounds will communicate by e-mail confirmation of the recorded order. Anasounds could not be questioned and held responsible for consequences of any events escaping his will in particular the cases of force majeure, which would tend to delay or to prevent the signing of the online order. Certain orders can be the object of additional demands for the customer. In this case, the customer is warned by email or by telephone documentary evidences to be sent to obtain the definitive validation of his order. Anasounds the order in case of not reception of documentary evidences or reception of documents considered not corresponding reserves the right to cancel.

The order of the customer can be cancelled by Anasounds, for whatever reason, in particular in case of defect of information necessary for the delivery. The customer will be kept informed by Anasounds there.

article 6 – terms of payment

The payment of purchases realized on the web site anasounds.com is made with order, in the choice of the buyer:

– By bank card: credit card payments are realized by means of the secure system Stripe which uses the protocol SSL (secure socket layer) so that the passed on information is coded by a software and so that no third can acquaint with it during the transport on the network.

-By Paypal:

Paypal is a company which proposes a service of payment on the internet, allowing an internet user to send his payments via internet with an e-mail address, to have to communicate its address and phone number of bank card to every transaction.

The order of the customer will be considered accepted after confirmation of the payment and its validation by Anasounds. The goods will remain the property of Anasounds until the complete regulation of the invoice (law n 80335 of may 12th, 1980).

article 7 – delivery

7.1. majorities

The customer makes a commitment to pass on, during the order, all the information necessary for the delivery to guarantee the good end. The customer has to pass on in particular a phone number which the carrier can join him during the day. An e-mail address allows to be warned in advance of the delivery of the order. The customer makes a commitment, for himself or for the addressee of the order, to take delivery of the goods at the address which he indicated during the order. During the delivery, the customer or the addressee of products, must be able to, if it is asked him, make the proof of his identity. The customer makes a commitment, after opening and check of the contents of or parcel in the presence of the carrier, to sign the delivery receipt presented by the deliverer.

In case of damage, not corresponding delivery, breakdown in the unpacking, or produced defective, refer to the article “management of the returns”. The delivery does not include the putting into service of devices.

7.2. expenses of participation in the preparation and in the expedition postal

Charges are calculated before final confirmation of the order by the customer.
metropolitan France:
– For a delivery at home via Chronopost, the shipping costs are 9.90€ VAT for any order less than 59€ VAT, and 4.99€ VAT for any order higher than 59€ VAT and lower than 149€ VAT. For any order higher than 149€ VAT, Anasounds offers the shipping costs to non-professional clients.
– For a delivery in relay center via Chronopost, the shipping costs are 7.90€ VAT. For any order higher than 99€ VAT, Anasounds offers the shipping costs.

rest of Europe: Anasounds offers a reduction of -4.91€ VAT for any order between 99€ VAT and 149€ VAT, -9.90€ VAT for any order between 149€ VAT and 299€ VAT, and -14.99€ VAT for any order higher than 299€ VAT on the shipping costs for a delivery at home via a private transporter.

7.3. delivery for the french overseas departments and territories

French-speaking territories order them to deliver in a department or an overseas territory is charged except the VAT. During the delivery, the local fiscal and customs authorities will require:

– the applicable VAT amount
– a dock dues (at the discretion of the local authorities)
– customs control costs.
These costs are to be paid by the customer.

7.4. modes of possible deliveries

According to the option of chosen delivery, here is the various available modes of delivery.

– Express delivery by Chronopost or DHL on France.
Delivery from Monday to Friday.
For items in stock, orders are delivered through our partner within 24 to 72 hours after the order has been processed.
These delays do not concern the articles indicated “on backorder” or “out of stock”.
An order entered before 12:00am is processed the same day ( depending on the availability of the product(s)).
In case of absence, the parcel is deposited in the mailbox of the customer or a relay parcel, if its size allows it.

– International delivery by DHL.
Delivery from Monday to Friday.
Packages are delivered through our partner, the time depends on the country in question.

– Service mail of the post office (green letter)
Products are directly deposited in the mailbox of the customer. This service is regularly used for small parcel as jacks or spare parts.

article 8 – management of returns

8.1. parcel undistributed by the person receiving provider of transport:

In case of declaration confirmed by loss of the parcel by our carrier, we propose simply a re-delivery. It is also possible to retract you and to cancel your order.
The impossibility to deliver the customer of its fact (negligence in an appointment of delivery, not withdrawal of parcel after calling card) entails for this one the loss of the contribution to costs of sending. In case either the customer does not wish be forwarded the product initially ordered or the product of exchange in the equivalent characteristics, credit note will be credited on its account within 48 hours following the reception of the parcel by Anasounds. This credit note is valid on 1 year as from its date of issue. It will be there thus deduct the expenses of delivery committed by Anasounds to prepare its initial order.

8.2. damage of transport:

This case concerns parcel damaged, parcel broken, produced missing or damaged. The customer will carry reserves characterized on the attendance sheet, will make sign jointly the deliverer and will keep a copy of the document. If the product is damaged, the customer necessarily has to refuse the parcel and note a reserve on the delivery note refused parcel because opened or damaged during the delivery, characterize exactly the damage).

These reserves must be very precise. The mention “subject to unpacking” does not establish a characterized reserve and does not have no legal value. It is then essential to describe exactly the state of the packaging and\or the product, and to characterize exactly the damage (for example: rumours of break-in, open parcel, damaged packaging, torn, pushed on the lower right corner, produces lined, pushed, on the left side, refused parcel because opened or damaged during the delivery …). The customer also has to confirm by registered mail these reserves to the carrier at the latest within working 48 hours following the reception of one or several articles, and to pass on a copy of this mail in: Anasounds 9, rue Jean Baptiste Spinetta 06000 Nice, by calling back well the references concerned the delivery note or the order form. Has to note: the check of the state of the product is considered made since the delivery slip was signed.

By the signature of the delivery receipt outside precise reserves, and the acceptance of products, customer recognizes he received the goods in a state giving him any satisfaction. After reception and acceptance of the parcel by our services, according to the nature of the product, the available stocks and according to the wish of the customer, we shall suggest forwarding the product initially commanded.

In the case or the customer does not wish be forwarded the product initially commanded, credit note will be credited on its customer account within 48 hours following the reception of the parcel by Anasounds. This credit note is valid on 1 year as from its date of issue if the customer chosen to be paid off, a check or a transfer of the amount of the product will be sent in 15 days following the acceptance of the return.

8.3. delivery not as per order in quality or in quantity:

The customer has to complete the form of contact so that we find a solution.

8.4. breakdowns:

The customer has to send a request of after-sales service since the page SAV. Before completing this form, he will well take note further information indiquants the current breakdowns and the instructions of uses allowing to avoid this kind of breakdowns.
Once the request of return was validated by Anasounds, the customer can turn the defective product to the address indicated by Anasounds.

8.5. retraction and right of return

The buyers, the not professional physical persons, benefit from a cooling-off period of thirty days as from the delivery of their order to make return of the product for the seller for exchange or refund without penalty.
All the articles can make the item of exchange or refund for the legal deadlines, except naturally those who personalized.
The date of reception of the delivered product is valid to estimate the deadline of thirty days. The expenses of return are chargeable to the customer. Within the framework of an order of several products, the deadline begins to run as from the reception of the last delivered product.
The expenses of return are chargeable to the customer.
The customer has to complete the form of contact since the page after-sales service.
The return of products has to be made in their original packing, in perfect condition, accompanied with all the possible accessories and the notes. Incomplete, damaged, damaged, used or made dirty returned articles cannot be taken back, and will have returned at the expense of the customer.
The refunds are made of two manners, in the choice of the customer. Let be this one wish credit note and his/her entire purchase is credit. It is wish a refund under the shape of check or transfer and Anasounds will pay off to him the total of its order except the shipment charges offered during the first sending.

article 9 – guaranteed

9.1. guaranteed anasounds

The guarantee is directly offered for three years as from the delivery of the sold good.
This guarantee offered by Anasounds does not cover:
– the replacement of consumables (examples: batteries, bulbs, fuses, wear of the heads of recording or reading, ropes, tubes of preamp and of power),
– accessories, loudspeakers, tweeters, to give and crossfaders, cases and covers, except particular cases
– the abnormal or not corresponding use of products. We invite you in this respect to consult attentively the note of use supplied with products,
– the damage due to the intervention of an unapproved repairer by Anasounds
– the damage resulting from an external cause in the device (for example, accident, shock, of the lightning, the fluctuation in current, temperature differences and/or the hydrometry)
In case the product could not be repaired, Anasounds will proceed to the exchange by a product of equivalent characteristics.

article 10 – responsibility

The seller, in the process of on-line sale, is kept only by a best effort undertaking; its responsibility cannot be committed for a damage resulting from the use of the internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, break of the service, or other involuntary problems. Anasounds could not be held responsible for the concluded non-fulfillment of the contract, due to the emergence of an event of force majeure in particular in case of all-out or partial strike of postal services, carriers, and disasters caused by floods or set on fire. As regards products bought to satisfy the professional needs, Anasounds will incur no responsibility for any consequential damage because of the present, the operating loss, the loss of profit, the damage or the expenses, which could arise.

The choice and the purchase of a product or a service are placed under the only responsibility of the customer. The total or partial impossibility to use products in particular because of incompatibility of the equipment can give rise to no compensation, refund or implication of the responsibility of Anasounds, except in the case of a known latent defect, a non-compliance, an imperfection or an exercise of the right to withdraw.

article 11 – intellectual property

All the elements of the site of Anasounds are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of Anasounds SAS.
Nobody is authorized to reproduce, to exploit, to rerun, or to use in any respect whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site that they are software, visual or sound.
Any simple link or by hypertext is strictly forbidden without an express written agreement of Anasounds.

article 12 – the private respect for life

According to the law relative to the computing, to the files and to the liberties of january 6th, 1978, the information with name specific character relative to the buyers can be the object of an automated processing.
The information passed transmitted by the customer is for the exclusive use of anasounds.com.
Anasounds makes a commitment not to pass on in third parties the personal information which the internet users supply on its site.
these are confidential.
Furthermore, the users have a right of access and rectification of the data concerning them, according to the law of january 6th, 1978.

article 13 – archiving – proof

Anasounds will archive order forms and invoices on a reliable and sustainable support establishing a faithful copy according to provisions of the article 1348 of the civil code.
Registers computerized by Anasounds will be considered by the parties as proof of the communications, the orders, payments and transactions intervened between the parts(parties).

article 14 – dispute settlement

The present on-line terms of sale are subjected(submitted) to the french law. Any recourse will be made with the commercial court of Nice.

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