kits to assemble and solder yourself, from a to z!

With the FX Teacher range, we offer you a new concept: assembling an effect pedal,
and at the same time teach you how it works and the basics of audio electronics.

playful kits

With FX Teacher, we don’t just offer you a kit to assemble. We provide you a lot of tools to assist you throughout the making process.
But also increase your knowledge of effects and electronics, and be sure to assemble your pedal correctly!

the fx teacher range


ego driver

A mid boost overdrive inspired by the Tube Screamer, and customizable with additional components.

feed me mk3

A vintage 60s era fuzz, which can easily reach modern stoner or gated fuzz tones.



An ultra versatile optical tremolo with tap tempo.

other kits


A new kind of expression pedal to control our effect pedals.

fx power source

An ultra-modular power supply that grows with your board.

fx teacher tester

To easily test your PCB during assembly.

true bypass 3pdt

A simple true bypass for your pedals.

relay true bypass

A true bypass with relay, more resistant and a clickless switch!

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