goals of the fx teacher masterclass

make your own pedal!

The first times are always tricky!
You don’t know where and how to start and you would like to be guided.
That’s the whole point of masterclasses, we’ll teach you everything and you’ll succeed, I promise!
From components, to tools, soldering, theory and assembly…

mastering the sound creation

For a day, you take your schoolbag back and go back to university!
Except that this time we only have one objective in mind:
understand and master this sound system.
And for those who have been traumatised by the lectures, it’s a completely different experience.
Alexandre Ernandez the co-founder of Anasounds, electronic engineer specialized in signal processing,
will explain to you all the basics of creating an effect pedal.
At the end, you can even customize your sound and it’s pretty cool!

to spend a moment of exchange between passionates

In the end, you don’t come to the masterclass just to leave with your pedal!
You are also happy to exchange with the other participants:
Musical/artistic experience, musical tastes, equipment…
We share a meal, a snack…
In short, a day in the life of an effect pedal manufacturer!

You will succeed, that’s for sure!

you’re already joining us with your hands in your pockets!

The FX Teacher team travels with ALL the necessary tools.
We have purchased 32 sets of quality tools, dedicated to masterclasses.
It’s quite a nice news, you can live a first DIY experience without having to equip yourself!
Some of the tools are individual and others, which are rarely used, are to be shared with your partner.

a question? a doubt? we’re here!

You’re going into DIY and you’ll be well accompanied!
As we were saying, Alexandre will be there to give the lesson and assist the participants.
But there will also be Magali Goullet the co-founder of Anasounds who made most of the pedals in the beginning!
In addition, we will have a beautiful group of passionates who will not hesitate to help each other as they always do.
As they say, it’s better to ask for help than to make a mistake.
But in spite of all, most of the time we manage to correct our mistakes!

the guarantee that you’ll leave with your pedal!

Not even afraid!
Even if it’s the first time you’ve ever held a soldering iron, we’ll take the bet!

So, how’s it going?
It’s simple, if you follow all the informations and explanations, that you don’t put anything upside down or any other kind of complicated mistakes to catch up on…
And, that in spite of all that doesn’t work, we’ll be there to debug your pedal.
If at the end of the debug we still can’t do it, we’ll offer you a new electronic kit to rebuild, or a brand new pedal assembled by us.
For information, the pedal assembled by you is not under Anasounds/FX Teacher’s guarantee afterwards, it remains DIY.
In case of an important error during the masterclass (ex: 28 pins chip soldered on the wrong side…) and yet explained by the team,
we will put the damaged part up for sale at an ultra reduced price and help you catch any delays.

the next masterclasses

too far from your home?

private video sessions

Unfortunately, we can’t go around the world for every product release!
We try to visit the big cities all over France and even outside the borders but it is not easy to organise.
Then, with the C-19 it’s more practical to have a video.
No more constraints of time and place, everyone moves at his own speed in his workshop or in his living room.

So, how’s it going?
The training is private and paying, via Zoom with a limited number of participants.
So, with a simple webcam (or other video solution) you can take control, show us your progress and get help.
As usual, we broadcast our slides and build the pedal at the same time as you do.
All you have to do is order the kit and the tools of your choice beforehand.

In the end it almost makes us want to do everything digitally!

let’s go around the world!

You’re not lucky and we’ve never visited your town?
Maybe we have the impression that there aren’t enough interested people to come to your place? Or that we haven’t found a nice place to welcome us.
Tell us where you come from and the nice addresses you know and we’ll try to come and join you!

If we have enough requests near your home, we can set one up.
But it will unfortunately be for a next session so if you are really a fan of our latest FX Teacher pedal,
take the time to travel or participate in an online session.

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