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express yourself!

Until now, you could get more from your pedals
by adding a tap tempo footswitch or an expression pedal.
Truthfully, what was called an expression pedal
was more of a control pedal that would have the exact same effect
as turning a knob with your foot.
Very handy obviously, but not too creative.

With the introduction of the Spinner,
here comes the first expression pedal worthy of the name.

nothing to assemble, it is the version produced by our workers.

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turn, turn, turn

The traditional expression pedal came along because of a simple fact,
which is that it’s extremely difficult to change your settings with both hands already busy playing the guitar.
Many of us have already found themselves waiting impatiently for the next silence in the song to finally get a chance to turn a knob.
In those situations, a control pedal is a precious tool, and effect manufacturers have been catering to that demand
from the Uni-Vibe and its pedal in 1969 to Line 6’s Helix and its three control pedals.
But until now, no one had designed a pedal that really extended the possibilities of the main effect, allowing you to express yourself artistically.

Until the Spinner came along.

a new expression pedal

The idea came to us while working on the Trémolo pedal, looking for ways to make the simple tremolo effect more lively and exciting.
It took us months of research to come up with the magnetic system,
and we had to track down a local French craftsman to build the made-to- measure metallic part.
Here’s how the Spinner works: the metallic boomerang-like metallic star with three blades is mounted on a screw inspired by a skateboard.
It has a magnet under each blade which gets detected by the Sensor to send your rotation rate to the circuit.
Therefore, the effect gets affected every time your kick the star in a manner that you have previously chosen
thanks to the switch on the back of the pedal (placed there for it not to get in the way of your kicks!)

still under control

You can choose to make the effect faster until the Spinner stops turning,
at which point the rate goes back to the one that has been entered through the regular tap tempo footswitch.
On the contrary, the effect can be slowed down following the same pattern.
Finally, a killswitch mode makes a stuttering sound synchronized with the rate of the Spinner.
In the first two modes, you can even kick the star when your main pedal is switched off,
and the Spinner will trigger the effect for a limited time until it stops turning.
Holding a chord at the end of a bridge and looking to give it a dramatic intensity?
A nice dose of harmonic tremolo kicking in at full speed and then stopping suddenly should do the trick!

Since the rotation of the Spinner is the source of expression,
you can stop the effect or go back to the original speed just by stopping the star with your foot.
We’ve also designed a magnet that you can use to make the Spinner slow down earlier:
its effect is now shorter, and you don’t even need to stop it with your foot anymore.
There are no knobs on the surface to avoid accidents,
but you’ll find three trimpots inside in order to control the speed threshold that activates the effect if it was turned off,
the threshold that deactivates that effect and the acceleration or deceleration rate of the effect.

this is just a good start

For now, the Spinner is compatible with the Trémolo pedal and the Ages harmonic tremolo pedal,
taking their possibilities so far that it becomes inseparable.
But you know how Anasounds work, we’re already working on more compatible pedals to come,
since there’s a strong possibility that you’re gonna want to use the Spinner with every pedal you own once you get hip to its magic!

what’s included

A Spinner expression pedal with its 3.5mm jack cable.
Everything is ready to connect it to one of our pedals.
There is nothing to assemble, it is the version produced by our workers.

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 cm

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