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The kit version of the historic massive disto-fuzz in its simplest form, with many customization options.

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the full story joins the fx teacher range

The Full Story takes the sound of the legendary massive disto-fuzz created in the United States in 1969, which has since been used by artists as diverse as
Pink Floyd, The White Stripes, Muse, Dinosaur Jr, The Black Keys and King Crimson.

As always with FX Teacher, this version of the Full Story is available as a do-it-yourself kit or pre-assembled.
And as always, this is a pedal that has many sonic tricks, perfect for many uses.
At first glance, you might think that with only three pots and two switches you’ll always end up with the same sounds.
But this is far from true: first of all, the FX Teacher Full Story is compatible with all the Tone Cards, those mini-circuits that allow you
to radically change the personality of your massive disto-fuzz.
It comes with the most popular version of the pedal as standard, but there are many, many other tone colors available.

Once you’ve found your ideal version, this is where the real exploration begins:
the “mid” switch changes the texture of the sound with an original position (deep midrange for the “wall of sound” aspect), a position that boosts the midrange,
and a “custom” position for which you choose the capa via an internal terminal.
The “clip” switch gives you access to the kind of clipping of the disto-fuzz, from 1N914 diodes (like the original) to your own diodes (via the terminal block)
and a position without clipping for a more natural overdrive.

You’ve got it: you have access to six different sound colors for each Tone Cards directly on the pedal,
before you even touch the two internal terminals and change the Cards.
The FX Teacher Full Story may be a standard-sized pedal, but it contains the complete history of a legendary sound.

content of this pack

Everything you need to make your Full Story from A to Z! In other words:

One Full Story enclosure with FX Teacher design and all holes already drilled.
One kit with all the necessary components.
One Full Story PCB.
One Tone Cards PCB.
One true bypass kit with 3PDT.
Three transparent knobs.
One bag of bonus components to better customize it.

what you might be missing to assemble this kit

One tester for the FX Teacher method.
Soldering tools, here is our selection if you don’t have enough.

additional information

To discover in detail the Full Story, click here.

To order the kit version, it’s right here. Just add the product to the cart,
then follow the instruction with the manual here.

For the Full Story already mounted, click here.

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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