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This pack contains seven Tone Cards to use with the Anasounds Full Story to get the sound of seven historic versions of the famous massive disto-fuzz that made big sound history.

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7 disto-fuzz legends

You were not fast enough and did not have the opportunity to get your hands on the Anasounds Full Story limited edition box set?
No problem, you can find the seven historical Tone Cards that were present in the box with this pack.
You are free to use these seven legendary sounds with the standard Anasounds (two slots) or FX Teacher (one slot),
In both cases these Cards are not approximations or simulations of the vintage pedals, they are identical circuits reproduced without any compromise.

pack contents

The seven cards kit includes the main versions of the famous massive disto-fuzz, with a 120€ discount compared to the individual cards.
Each of these versions has its own sound characteristics that have made it important to guitarists.
Some versions have more or less midrange, more or less gain, more or less bass, more or less sharp treble,
and for sure there is the texture you are looking for among these seven wonders of the massive disto-fuzz world.
There’s a reason why some of the original pedals sell for crazy prices on the used market:
they’re all different, and rather than getting lost in an unreasonable quest, you can trust our designers directly
who have chosen the most beautiful sounds from a vast collection of inspiring pedals. Join us in making your own color.
The display showed in the first photo is not included.

the full story range

All Tone Cards are compatible with our Full Story pedal range.
The Anasounds version can contain two Tone Cards, with the 3 classic settings and one Mid switch per card.
The FX Teacher version contains only one Tone Cards, but offers many customization options with different midrange responses,
different clippings and terminal blocks to change components.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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