K+ daughterboard power supply – bundle


To supply up to 6x 9V pedals, and up to 1A!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the technology used by the K+ V1.1 does not exist anymore.
Our team worked for several months on a V1.2 which remains on the same specs,
except that we go from 2A to 1A per block! This makes a total of 2A for this power supply,
our experience shows that your pedalboards never needed so much current !
On the other hand the advantage of this new technology is that it proposes a better insulation and filtration.
So less noise!

The delivery time of these new parts is still difficult to control.
It is therefore a pre-order for which we will keep you informed as and when the delivery dates.
A first batch of 30 K+ Daughterboard and 30 K+ Motherboard will leave in September.
First come, first served.
A larger batch of 250 pieces each should be delivered by the end of the year.

The demand is high on this product and we thank you for that,
That’s why we are doing our best to deliver as soon as possible while keeping an irreproachable quality.

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why the K+ daughterboard bundle?


Are you looking for a simple and powerful solution to power your pedalboard? This K+ daughterboard bundle includes everything you need to power
up to 6x 9V pedals.

If you need more outputs or different voltages, you can consider the K+ motherboard power supply, which offers 10 outputs, including 4 adjustable at 9, 12 or 18V.
And if you have a monstrous board, we’ve also thought about you, we propose you a bundle which contains the 2 power supplies!

And if you like DIY and you are not afraid to solder a power supply, there is our FX Power Source. It’s an ultra modular power supply, with boards that you can assemble and unplug
as many times as you want. That way you can change the size and outputs of your power supply as your board expands!


the best performance on the market!


With the K+ daughterboard power supply, you have 2 units of 3x 9V outputs. Each unit is isolated and can provide up to 2 amps!
This is simply the highest current perfs on the market! We tested it with tube preamps and powered them without any problem.
Enough to power almost every pedal on the market!

You can attach the power supply to your pedalboard with velcro. But if you want a clean and strong mounting, you can order brackets specially designed for our power supplies.
We designed them to be compatible with most pedalboards on the market (Pedaltrain, Aclam, Temple Audio, etc…).


what’s included?


In this bundle you have:

The K+ daughterboard power supply (dimensions : 102 x 80 x 35 mm, 4.02 x 3.15 x 1.38 inches)
A main power supply unit (different mains plugs available depending on the country)
14 cables 2.1 x 5.5mm, to connect your pedals
(2 of 25cm, 6 of 35cm, 2 of 45cm, 2 of 60cm, 1 of 90cm and 1 with reversed polarity)

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
your country's iec plug

Australia, China, Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, European Union (except Italy) / South Korea, Italy, United Kingdom

  1. Tazz Bassplayer (verified owner)

    Super Pédale d’alimentation !!!!
    En tant que bassiste, elle me permet d’alimenter mes pédales comme la Boss SY-1000, la Whammy-Bass, et ma moere micro-DI. Et tout ceci sans le moindre buzz, le moindre souffle, avec sa puissance d’alimentation.
    Je recommande fortement !!

    • alexandre ernandez

      Merci infiniment pour ton retour ! Ca fait plaisir 😀

      Bien à toi,

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