element spring reverb – premium bundle


this bundle includes 3 tanks which are le bon, la brute and le truand.

there is also the element reverb pedal and the needed cable!


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what is included in this bundle

1 element pedal
1 mini jack to rca cable
the 3 tanks, le bon, la brute and le truand!
6 self drilled screws to let you screwup your tank under your pedalboard

this pack was designed for people who don’t want to choose between tanks.
also it’s a nice opportunity to put spring tanks everywhere in your rig!


the element is a pedal that takes back the very essence of the analogue reverb,
which is obtained by physically stimulating springs thanks to the guitar signal.
simply. no artificials. no calculations.
from beautiful mechanical coupled to analog signal processing.

for a complete presentation of the pedal and its accessories

how to use it

it’s still a classic pedal, same size as all of our other pedals.
you scratch it (or not) on the pedalboard.
it always has an input jack, an output jack and a 9V power jack.
nothing new so far!

what’s more? there’s a mini jack to plug on the back of the pedal.
then, it will be connected to the box full of springs (called a tank) via rca connectors.
this tank is mandatory because it is the one that allows to generate an analog effect of reverb.

to discover all of our tanks and accessories


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