kit full story tone cards – create your own sound!


A Tone Cards kit compatible with the Full Story, with additional components to create your own unique sounding circuit!

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create your own unique sounding tone cards

The Full Story range allows you to obtain an immense variety of sounds thanks to the different Tone Cards compatible with the pedals.
Among the collector’s edition versions that take up the classic circuits, our creations that correspond to our sound ideal,
and the versions in collaboration with other brands, the choice is already large.

To go even further, we have decided to develop a Tone Cards in kit, with many additional components to create a unique circuit!
It’s up to you to develop your own Tone Cards, at home based on the theory and our article,
or by coming to a masterclass to listen to the sound of each combination of components thanks to our test board.

masterclasses to help you design two custom tone cards

If you decide to participate in a weekend masterclass, the first day will be dedicated to the assembly of the Full Story FX Teacher kit.
A classic masterclass day where you’ll learn the basics of electronics and DIY, while coming home with your pedal at the end of the day.

The novelty happens during the second day, with two Tone Cards in kit. The first one will be assembled with a theoretical approach, without listening,
simply based on the theoretical influence of each component on the sound.
The second one will be created with the help of a test board that we have developed, which allows to select and listen to the difference between each choice of components,
allowing to know which components to use before soldering them.

the kit contents

This kit contains a Tone Cards pcb, all the components of the Tone Cards FX Teacher, and additional components to modify the circuit and create a unique sound.

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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