full story tone cards – anasounds/fx teacher full pack


A pack of 3 Tone Cards including the two Anasounds versions and the FX Teacher version, to enjoy our vision of the disto/fuzz in its Full Story pedal.

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a pack with our three creations

This pack contains the 3 Tone Cards developed by our team. It contains the two Tone Cards delivered with the Anasounds Full Story,
as well as the Tone Cards included in the FX Teacher Full Story.

The Anasounds and FX Teacher cards are based on our favorite versions of the legendary disto/fuzz, and redesigned according to our ideal
and to fit the features of our pedals.

pack contents

The first Tone Cards is based on the first version released from 1969 to 1972, with a scooped sound and huge bass while remaining well defined.
Our version is ideal for powerful rhythms and riffs by bringing back some midrange and slightly lowering the bass,
for even more precision and modernity.

The second Tone Cards takes the characteristics of the first blue and grey Russian version from the early 90s.
We decided to lower the mids a bit more for a slightly less clean and more dirty sound.
This version reacts wonderfully with the Mid switch of the new Full Story, changing completely its character
to become more precise and clear, ideal for leads.

The last Tone Cards is the model integrated in the FX Teacher Full Story. It is the most versatile Tone Cards, with a bright and aggressive sound,
based on the most famous version, widely used in the 2000s.
Ideal for rock, grunge and even garage sounds, with a big sustain reserve.

The pack offers a 30€ discount on the total of the 3 Tone Cards.

the full story range

All Tone Cards are compatible with our Full Story pedal range.
The Anasounds version can contain two Tone Cards, with the 3 classic settings and one Mid switch per card.
The FX Teacher version contains only one Tone Cards, but offers many customization options with different midrange responses,
different clippings and terminal blocks to change components.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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