Tools for DIY cables, full set | Everything you need to make any kind of cable!


With this kit you can make all the cables and patches you need, with high quality equipment!
Appropriate for regular use, to wire all your pedalboard and much more!
This is the equipment we use in our laboratory!

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tools for your cables, full kit

In this wallet you’ll find tools to build the cables you need for your pedalboard,
and start your DIYer trip in the best way!
You can find back our selections in this blog article.

With this pack you can make any type of cable, which we propose you to assemble in our articles.
You can make patches and guitar cables, but also stereo jack, mini jack, XLR and RCA!

It contains the necessary tools to solder, so if you decide to start DIY kits later on, you’ll already have a large part of the tools!

package content: 10 pieces!

A soldering iron from the Japanese brand Goot. 30W. Fully dismountable, revisable and guaranteed by our supplier.
Works really well with lead free soldering and soldering iron tips age well too.
The limit to this product is that heating time is quite long compared to a professional station.
However, you can believe we chosed its quality!
It is much better than those horrible soldering irons that heat up the whole room and that you find back 5 minutes later with carbonized iron tip.

Leadfree tin, 50g, Sn99.3 Cu0.7 1mm wide.
Tested and approved for a good result without hassle.

2 in 1 soldering iron stand. Primordial to avoid burning the whole place down. And also clean the tip of your iron !

Flat tip for your CXR41 solder iron because we consider that this is essential!

Tip renovator, to get a clean tip and save it for a longer time!

Multifunction wire strip plier, useful tool to prepare your wires…

 3rd hand with its magnifying glass, it helps to prepare jacks, wires and also the magnifier helps our good old friends!

Solid cutting pliers, to cut the big cable of your DIY jack patches, or your guitar strings!

PH2 screwdriver, for pancake jack connectors, and many other things

Scalpel, also useful for DIY jacks!

origins of these products

Tools are obviously  made in Asian country, but it is made on the right way.
Our importer is in France and he will do the after-sales service for us, which shows their commitment about the quality of their tools.

We chose their kit because it contains Goot CXR41 30W soldering iron that our team tried and compared to a dozen of different ones. And was the best at the end.
It also comes with quality accessories to help you realize our kits worry-free!

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 27 cm

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