Soldering iron Goot 30W, CXR41 | Made in Japan | Level : Beginner – Amateur


The essential tool for any FX Maker.

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soldering iron goot 30w

With this soldering iron, you can make most of our projects and start your journey with quality equipment!

Appropriate for occasional uses perhaps slightly more,
In other words, we advice it for makers planning to build 2 to 3 pedals a week.
Beyond this, it will still be efficient but,
you’ll feel like it’s not going fast enough, cause it’s not powerful enough and not designed for real production.

But I have the feeling if you’re here right now,
that’s because you’re planning to start with a few pedals, time to time, and not to open your own pedal factory!
If you’re in this case, you knocked at the right door!

technical description

It’s a soldering iron from the Japanese brand, Goot, with 30 Watts of power.
It is delivered with a pointy soldering iron tip, which is what the manufacturer recommends for precise applications.
I tested and approved this soldering iron tip, but since I tried a screwdriver-head shape soldering iron tip, it’s another world!
It is fully dismountable, revisable and guaranteed by our manufacturer.
It works well with leadfree soldering and the soldering iron tip age well too.
The limit to this product is that heating time is quite long compared to a professional station.
However, you can believe we chosed its quality!
It is much better than those horrible soldering irons that heat up the whole room and that you find back 5 minutes later with carbonized iron tip.

the origins of this product

It is made by the Japanse brand Goot, and the after-sales service is in France.

We chosed the Goot CXR41 30W soldering iron after our team tried and compared a dozen of different ones.
It also comes with quality accessories to help you realize our kits worry-free!

soldering iron accessories

You don’t want to end up burning whether your fingers or your table ? Take a look at our selection of soldering iron mounts.

Having the soldering iron is a good start, but without tin, it’s quite useless!
Do like the rest of us and think about our environment with the leadfree tin!

I’m pretty sure at school they taught you to clean your iron with a wet sponge… Using a brass sponge is much cooler and more efficient!

Have you ever seen a black soldering iron tip? Sometimes you see it after a few hours, sometimes you see it after 5 minutes if you bought your soldering iron on Alibaba!
Use the tip refresher again from our japanese friends, Goot. Dip the hot soldering iron in it and your iron tip comes out like new.

And of course, a soldering iron tip is not invincible, so it would be nice to also provide replacement soldering iron tips.
Oh well, they’re actually here, and on top of that, they have screwdriver-head shapes which are to me the most appropriate ones for what we create here!

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Dimensions 30 × 24 × 10 cm

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