Soldering station Goot 72W, RX802AS | Made in Japan | Level : Amateur – Pro


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soldering station goot 72W, RX802AS

Want to move up a gear and to create quality Anasounds pedals?
With this Goot RX802AS soldering station, will be able to solder quick and easy more than a hundred boards!

Weldings are quick, clean and durable.
We ourselves use this product to make our Anasounds pedals.
The biggest advantage to this tool is that the heat produced is concentrated at the very end of the iron tip, with a great heating time and an outstanding stability
No risk to burn your fingers even after spending a full day soldering!

what we loved

The Goot RX802AS soldering station has a power of 72 Watts.
It is digitally controllable with an temperature accuracy of one degree!
The station heats up super fast, which is actually breathtaking.

With its parameters and thermometer, we can also calibrate the temperature at the very tip of the soldering iron!
There is a function to install presets according to what you’re soldering.
If the station is not used for a period of time, the heating element switches to standby mode, around 200°C.
When you want to go back to work, just place the tip on a pad, and the station will detect the contact and start heating again in less than a second!

Also delivered with the ergonomic soldering iron that doesn’t heat while holding.
Iron tip replacement is done by the external parts just by push a button
So we can change the tip even if it’s hot, without unscrewing.

A sharp soldering iron tip is also delivered and we also offer our favorite screwdriver-head soldering iron tip.
If you need one, just ask us!

even further

This soldering station is not for every DIYer, generally you get this kind of equipment after acquiring a lot of experience.
That’s why we indicted amateur and pro.
But we’d really like to help beginners start with this kind of equipment!

That’s why, if you already have equipment or you’re wishing to get some, let us know!
We’re looking for ambassadors around the world who could accompany other FX makers to start.
You could be part of our ambassadors community, animate masterclasses or even welcome other builders in your workshop!!

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 27 cm

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