• Fully enjoy your Element Spring Reverb

    In this new blog article I’ll show you how to properly set your Element and its tanks in the best way! I’ll also give you some advise to avoid magnetic sensibility and to prevent from vibrations while you are on stage. 2 innovative ways to mount your tanks Let’s begin with one of the main …

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  • Analog Spring Reverb : How it works

    Reverberation, you said? No need to be an insider to understand the effect of reverb, come into an empty room, clap your hands and the sound produced by your hands will reach your ears in different ways. The delay is very short because the sound spreads relatively quickly so the delay will not be noticeable …

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  • OD/Distortion/Fuzz : The key differences between these 3 effect pedals

    Soundwise, it’s quite easy to appreciate the sound of a fuzz pedal. Over-saturated, aggressive compression, very rich in harmonics and sustain that can go to infinite and beyond if the pots are all the way to the right. But when talking about overdrives and distortions, it’s becoming more complex : a cranked up overdrive is …

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  • discover the new extended savage !

    more info about the extended savage try to win this pedal 1) subscribe at the newsletter, you’ll get hot news and deals! 2) share this page on facebook or instagram, with @anasounds #anasounds share 3) tag 2 guitarist friends                         EnregistrerEnregistrer EnregistrerEnregistrer EnregistrerEnregistrer EnregistrerEnregistrer …

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