Tap, external tap tempo


to be on the clock, more simply…

An external tap tempo with a 3.5mm jack plug.
Enough to control the tempo of our pedals without tangling the footswitch!

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always on tempo

Our new tremolo range and our upcoming temporal pedals include this tap tempo feature.
For those who regularly change tempo and prefer to feel it with their feet rather than with a potentiometer,
you asked us many times for this feature and it’s finally done.


From the pedal itself, you can set the tempo by pressing the left footswitch.
But sometimes depending on the location of the pedal in the pedalboard,
this pedal may be on the 2nd row and it’s not necessarily practical to use a tap tempo that far away.
Or sometimes, some people wear size 46 and may press both footswitches at the same time.


It was unthinkable for us to increase the size of the pedal because of this function.
So we thought it was more interesting to offer to those who want to do otherwise, to add this little accessory!
It can be placed anywhere on the pedalboard.
The footswitch is momentary, so there’s no ” click ” during the tap.

immediate connection

To use it, open your footswitch and turn the Spinner mode off to focus on Tap reading.
Connect the 2 devices using the 3.5mm jack supplied with the Tap.
The Tap and the pedal communicate with each other easily thanks to our connectivity.

Now all you have to do is having fun!

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 cm

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