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Build your own stereo jack, mini-jack, xlr and rca cables!

After the article on how to solder your mono jacks and patches, we will teach you here how to solder the stereo ones! And also other cables you may need! The big advantage of making your cables yourself is that it will cost you less than buying prepared cables. Plus, you can customize them! It …


Learn how to make your guitar and pedalboard cables like a pro!

Today, we are going to see together how to make jack cables like a pro! The big advantage of making your cables yourself is that it will cost you less than buying prepared cables. Plus, you can customize them! It will allow you to have an elegant and perfectly wired board.But beware, a badly made …


the functionalities of the ages explained, our dynamic harmonic tremolo

what is a dynamic harmonic tremolo? The Ages is the dynamic harmonic tremolo of our Origins series.Simply, a harmonic tremolo is two tremolos arranged in parallel. One will let the high frequencies pass while the other will cut the low frequencies, and this alternately, which creates a signal rotation effect. If you want to learn …


The alternative to bbd delays : the pt2399

In today’s article, we will talk about PT2399, and compare it to other technologies, especially BBD. Then we’re going to focus on the problem of getting clear and long repeats with these chips. And finally how to improve these problems. how it works the pt2399, analog or digital ? The PT2399 is commonly described as …


The miniaturization of the delay effect : the bbd

After the article about the origins of the delay and the mechanism of tape echoes, today we’re going to start with BBD delay ! This little chip was the first solution to offer delays in effect pedal size. As we did with the tape echoes, we will progressively build a complete BBD delay diagram. First, …


Exploration to the origin of the delay : the tape echo

In this new article about delays, we will take a closer look to the first technology : the tape echo. We will learn a little more about the different technologies, and how they work. It will allow us to better understand what makes their unique sound, so popular today ! the different recording mediums The …


The analog delay, or rather… the analog-voiced delay

Hi, I’m Loïck, new member of the Anasounds team ! I am going to work during the next few months on an upgraded Utopia analog delay. Today, we will look together at the research I am doing on delay pedals. We are going to talk about analog delay, or rather, analog-voiced delay ! I will …


Our selection of tools for building effect pedals and pedalboard cables

Many of you have asked us for a “perfect” selection of tools to build your effect pedal kits.As we all know, the DIY is an initial investment and then, it’s a long-term savings.Provided, of course, that you don’t buy just anything and that you learn the right practices !I bought a bunch of soldering irons …

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