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The analog delay, or rather… the analog-voiced delay

Hi, I’m Loïck, new member of the Anasounds team ! I am going to work during the next few months on an upgraded Utopia analog delay. Today, we will look together at the research I am doing on delay pedals. We are going to talk about analog delay, or rather, analog-voiced delay ! I will …


Our selection of tools for building effect pedals

Many of you have asked us for a “perfect” selection of tools to build your effect pedal kits.As we all know, the DIY is an initial investment and then, it’s a long-term savings.Provided, of course, that you don’t buy just anything and that you learn the right practices !I bought a bunch of soldering irons …


Assemble your spinner kit

before starting Today, we’re going to build together the 3rd FX Teacher pedal, the Spinner kit ! This is a new kind of expression pedal. We just released it during the Winter NAMM 2020.It is a nice project to start in DIY, there are few components to solder and the canning is ultra simplified ! …


Assemble your sliver tremolo

before starting Today, we’re going to build together the 2nd FX Teacher pedal ! This is the Sliver optical tremolo pedal, released at NAMM 2020.So of course, it is not the easiest project to get started, but nevertheless, we designed it so that everyone could get there ! If this is your first FX Teacher …


the tremolo effect: origins, mechanisms and improvements!

In this article we will explore the world of tremolo, presenting the origin of this effect, the difference between harmonic tremolo or a more traditional one, how it works and finally, how to improve this effect which is more than half a century old!
In short, a lot of content to master the subject, hang on!


assemble your ego driver

At the moment I am writing these words, I am very excited to know that you are one of the first people to assemble the kits we have designed, thank you very much for your trust and your perseverance! We have had this project on our hearts for 3 years and since only 6 months …


how to mount an effect pedal

After assembling your first PCB, you must be very excited; the PCB works perfectly and you could even make it sound! Just be patient, we’ll finish the job and put this thing in an enclosure. Thanks to this tutorial you will learn how to assemble an effect pedal like a chef! your bench Your kit …


the true bypass, is that really good?

When you’re on stage, the true bypass simply turns your pedal on and off. Quite useful for a system! So we’ll see how a true bypass works, its design, the different technologies and, how it is installed! If you are reading this article because you are making a FX teacher kit, you can go directly …

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