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K+ power source user’s manual

You just ordered one of the products from the K+ range? Thank you for your purchase, and we’ll see in this user manual how to use your K+ correctly! before connecting your K+ a little technical reminder Because it’s always useful to remind the basics! Before connecting a pedal to the power supply, always check …


Guide to choose your effects pedals power supply

2000€ of pedals for 10€ of power supply ? Wondering how to choose your power supply so that your pedalboard is powered in the best way? When you start to have a few pedals, it is necessary to have an adapted power supply, to avoid all kinds of noise problems, or pedal dysfunctions. In this …


The power supply technologies for effect pedals

In this article, we will explore pedal power supply technologies in more detail. To understand their differences, how they work, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them. And if you want to know which power supply is the most adapted to your board, we also made this other article to guide you! the …


Be correctly equipped for an online masterclass

You want to build one of our kits while being supervised to make sure you don’t make any mistakes? We propose online masterclasses! In this article, we will explain what you need to be sure that everything happens in the best conditions. be supervised online With this online masterclass, we guarantee you the same attention …

pedaltrain pt grande pedalboard

Learn how to chain your effects pedals

In this article, we will explain how to optimally chain your pedalboard! To know the order you need to place your effects pedals, and above all why, depending on the sound you want to achieve. structure of an amplifier Before starting to talk about effects pedals, let’s take a look at what an amplifier does. …


Mounting brackets for our power supplies, compatible with all pedalboards!

You just bought one of our Anasounds K+ or FX Power Source power supplies, and you want to fix it on your pedalboard? In this article, we will see how to mount them correctly on all kinds of pedalboards with our bracket kit! the pedaltrain We start with the most popular, the Pedaltrain! With this …


Build your fx power source power supply

before starting Today, we’re going to build together the latest FX Teacher product: the FX Power Source! For once, it’s not a pedal, but a power supply! If this is your first FX Teacher kit, I advise you to check out the blog and discover our methods. I consider in the rest of the article …


Build your own stereo jack, mini-jack, xlr and rca cables!

After the article on how to solder your mono jacks and patches, we will teach you here how to solder the stereo ones! And also other cables you may need! The big advantage of making your cables yourself is that it will cost you less than buying prepared cables. Plus, you can customize them! It …

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