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The Anasounds Sandman is a limited edition double overdrive featuring our Savage MkI and the Ego Driver.

Preorders are now closed!
If you are still looking for the Sandman, please find the last pieces from our retailers here:

  • Art Rock Music Store, Crolles
  • Broc Music, Nimes
  • Deal Music, Antibes
  • Décibel Musique, Annemasse
  • Diapason Music, Narbonne
  • Dodo Musique, La Réunion
  • Effect On Line, Lyon
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  • Guitar Maniac, Nice
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  • Sam Music, Saint-Lô
  • Silver Wold Music, Lons
  • St Genis Music, Saint-Genis-Pouilly
  • Station Music, Montgermont
  • Ze Shop, La Réunion
  • Wood Stock Guitares, Ensisheim

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You wanted the best, you’ve got the best! After the massive success of the first Savage MkI reissue (“la grosse”),
you’ve asked us for yet another reissue of the famous transparent overdrive circuit that put Anasounds on the map back in 2015, a pedal famous for its warmth and harmonically-rich sounds.

We listened, and decided to do you one better: here’s the Sandman, that brings together the Savage MkI (left footswitch with the large knobs)
and the FX Teacher Ego Driver, our own upgraded version of the classic mid-boost overdrive.
If you’re lusting after the beautiful vintage sound of the Savage MkI, there it is in all its original glory with the Germanium / Silicium switch in order to choose your clipping
(that switch was called Vintage / Modern on the original Savage), except now you can also push it way beyond its limits in terms of gain and mids.

The Ego Driver still has its very potent three-position tone switch (low-mids, mids, hi-mids)
that makes it much more versatile and allows the two parts of the Anasounds Sandman to sonically interact in many ways.

We’re always trying to offer you the best pedals we can build, and the components for the Savage MkI are getting harder to come by.
That is why the Sandman is a limited edition that you can order for the low price of 299 euros from June the 2nd to the 16th.
Once that period is over, you will get a second chance in September by buying it for 369 euros from stores that got it during those crucial two weeks.
After those two deadlines, the Sandman will once again become the dream it always was, except for the lucky ones who captured it on time.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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