Full Story collector’s edition


The Anasounds Full Story Collector’s Edition revisits the history of the famous big fuzz / distortion with a massive sound and infinite sustain. This edition includes seven Tones Cards inspired by seven versions, each more legendary than the next.

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the full story concept

It all started with an episode we did for the Youtube channel PALF in 2020 about the history of the Big Muff. We had a few modern clones of this legendary fuzz / distortion created in 1969,
as well as a modern boutique version that allowed us to get the sound of a few vintage boxes, plus an original Ram’s Head version.
As it turned out, the latest has had a lasting impact upon us and we have been trying to understand its magic ever since.
But that magic is not just a clone circuit that can easily be found on the Internet: each vintage pedal has its own peculiarities,
its own personality, and all the little details that make it special or not.
As such, it is impossible to gather all those personalities in a single box without compromising what makes them great, without cutting that feline’s claws.

We have studied many fuzz / distortions from the seventies and nineties in order to define seven colors that were particularly interesting and musically relevant.
We also had to find a way to put them at your feet without releasing seven separate pedals. Our solution: the Full Story and its Tone Cards.

limited collector’s edition

This luxurious limited edition boxset (250 pieces) contains seven Tone Cards, each one representing a different era and version.
Need infinite sustain that would make David Gilmour proud? That’s what the Ram’s Head is for! Need Jack White-style aggression? The Red & Black will be perfect for that!
Need greasy garage riffs à la Black Keys? The Green Russian obviously! Feel like playing stoner? Easy, just pull out the Black Russian!

And this is only the beginning, since the Full Story allows you to use two different versions, either separately or at the same time by stacking them.
And if the end result is not colossal and oversaturated enough for you, just add the built-in treble booster with its 4 different voicings and its guitar pickup impedance simulator.
Our system is really easy to use, but the end result is very inspiring musically speaking and it doesn’t represent any kind of compromise in fidelity compared with the vintage pedals.
Come find your favorite tone!

content of the full story collector’s edition

The Full Story Collector”s Edition comes in a unique boxset designed especially for this limited edition pedal. 250 will be made, not one more.
The packaging is handmade by Spanish craftspeople, and the box contains the seven Tone Cards.
The limited edition gives you access to seven mythical versions of the famous big fuzz / distortion within the Full Story pedal.
For more information, go to the Full Story presentation website.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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