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The Anasounds Dystopia is an analog delay inspired by the Utopia Deluxe but noisier and more experimental.

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a limited edition


If you’re looking for a nice delay with many options and a sound that evokes a nice clean vintage tape echo without being unpredictable,
the Anasounds Utopia Deluxe is exactly what you need.

But if you’re a wild musician who likes to use their gear the way it should not be used, who likes to transform
their guitar into a noisy tool that sounds like anything but a nice clean sound, if you’re more into Kevin Shields than
The Edge, and if the word “shoegaze” doesn’t just make you want to stare at your feet, then you probably won’t find your
daily dose of sonic brutality with the Utopia Deluxe. You have probably been through many existing delays and found yourself frustrated
or disappointed. Very few pedals take the noise approach to its extremes while still remaining easy to use and warm sounding.

If you’re still reading, then you might be ready for the Dystopia. The Anasounds Dystopia is a beautiful-sounding delay,
a true sonic filth machine and a very simple and approachable stompbox. It also is a limited edition that you can only order for
two weeks for December the 1st to the 17th, so don’t hesitate too long before you join the dark side.


more than just a tap tempo


At the heart of the Anasounds Dystopia, we used the same PT2399 chip as the Utopia Deluxe, but the delay has a dirty
voicing made even more obvious by a noisier and crunchier preamp. It is more of a booster than an overdrive, and it is also
placed after the delay repeats for a vintage sound that can become overbearing and downright chaotic.

But the soul of the Anasounds Dystopia is the central Pain knob. It adjusts the built-in modulation with four types
to choose from (tape echo, vibrato, lo-fi and ring mod), and for each type, setting up within the zone allows you
affect both speed and depth to go from a light motion to absolute destruction. And it is only the beginning, since
Pain also allows you to program the built-in sequencer. It can be a two, three or four-step sequencer,
with a different Time setting for each step that bring a pitch variation with an adjustable glide effect.
The result can be a fascinating tool of sonic experimentation, worthy of the best modular synths.

If you’ve never found what you’re looking for with “regular” delays, but you don’t want to sacrifice sound either,
then don’t let the Anasounds Dystopia go. That box of inspiration has been designed to follow each and
every one of your musical moods, even the worst.


for more product informations please read
the dystopia presentation here or download the dystopia manual here



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