the swiss army knife of your pedalboard


the swiss army knife of your pedalboard

very transparent overdrive that keeps all the quality of your clear sound while finding the desired saturated harmonics.

3 steps for 3 clipping, jazz, blues or rock style.

Inside, a potentiometer will allow you to completely transform your overdrive from a very transparent sound to a warm distortion!


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for more product informations go to the cerberus full description or download the cerberus manual



Weight0.45 kg
Dimensions14 × 7 × 5 cm
external controls

gain, out, tone, voicing

input impedance

210 kΩ

integrated circuits

opa texas instruments

internal controls

asymetric, light, tone, voicing

OPA dynamic


output impendance

11 kΩ

power consumption

5.5 mA


external 9v dc, negative polarity. hum and noise filter inside the pedal.


gold true bypass



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