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The Anasounds Utopia Deluxe is an upgraded version of the warm and analog-voiced delay that made a name for its brand.

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the anasounds utopia deluxe


The original Utopia is the pedal that turned Anasounds into the brand we currently are, the spark that started a
fire and never left our best-selling list since 2015. In the meantime, you’ve been requesting a better version of
the Utopia featuring tap tempo. But we didn’t want to just add that option, even though we were asked countless times.
We redesigned the original Utopia circuit from the ground up, with a brand new voicing for an even more
musical delay that’s more fun to play and fully exploits the potential of the famous PT2399 chip.


more than just a tap tempo


It took us several years to get there – did somebody say perfectionists? – but here it is finally,
the Anasounds Utopia Deluxe, and we think it was worth the wait. Of course there’s a tap tempo footswitch
that can also trigger self-oscillating infinite repeats, and three subdivisions to choose from,
including dotted eighth – yes, we like The Edge and David Gilmour too. But we did not stop there.
The Utopia Deluxe also features a Tone setting for brighter or darker repeats, a built-in preamp that
makes your harmonics sparkle like a vintage Echoplex can. A knob adjusts both the volume
and gain of the preamp, and a switch puts it in “always on”, “always off” or “on when the delay is active” mode.
Finally, the central “Bliss” knob takes care of modulation. It has three zones for three modulation types
(tape echo, chorus and vibrato), and the effect zone allows you to automatically set
up depth and speed to only get usable sounds, from barely audible to dramatic.
The ultimate delay has gotten even better, and there’s a new sheriff in delay town with a simple
pedal that has all the bells and whistles, the Anasounds Utopia Deluxe.


for more product informations please read
the utopia deluxe presentation here or download the utopia deluxe manual here.



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