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Screwing the pooch sometimes happen, so here’s an easy and efficient way to move a component.

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An unsoldering pump

With this unsoldering pump, you will be able to avoid the worst with your weldings and stop throwing your boards away!
And we saw a bunch of them! Burnt nozzle, flying spring, etc…

Then you’ll be cool to fix some welding time to time.
If you do more than 2-3 boards a week we also have this model which is very efficient that we’d advice you.

directions for use

The unsoldering pump is very useful to… unsolder a component!
Simple and easy to use, you only need to load the pump by compressing the spring.
Then, heat up the welding you want to work on, put the pump over the welding and pull the trigger.
If you want to remove big stains and tin balls, sometimes it’s better to use a tin-plated unsoldering wick, you can find some here.


Warning ! Don’t over use it !
Soldering and unsoldering a couple of times on the same pad might damage the board, perhaps rip it from the PCB.

And if this scenario happens, it’s going to be very complicated to rectify this!
However, for a ponctual use, it won’t be a pain.

The nozzle of the pump will regularly be in contact with your soldering iron;
It will damage the tip and it will need sometimes some youth again.
We thought about everything, and you can find replacement nozzles here.

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm

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