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A Circuit holder for PCB isn’t absolutely necessary, but it’s the kind of tool that can change the life of DIYer!

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rotative pcb holder

We all began from this basis, a soldering iron, a table and some tin wire.
At some point, we all burnt our fingers, a random object or worst, our classmate.
I’m not even talking about tendinitis and back pains from being all twisted!
What we didn’t have at that time, was this rotative PCB holder.

All the prototypes that emerge from our research and development division have been processed by this tool.
It is extremely convenient and we just can’t get rid of it! Not to mention about time saving.

suggestion of use

Start by locking the board between the holder claws so it doesn’t move.
Place the components using the BOM.
On the top view, mount the components, on the back bend the legs outwards.
Once the components are set, rotate the board and you can easily access the back of the board to solder.
In addition to this flexibility, the placement and holding is very comfortable.

additional information

Try it and you will love it! And thanks to our european distributor, it’s even cheaper than the equivalent product you can find on Amazon.

It’s interesting to combine this rotative PCB holder with a third hand magnifier.
It will help you solder your components on a board.
The third hand magnifier will be more useful for pot, jacks and switches wiring
Now you’re ready to overcome any challenge!

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Dimensions 25 × 15 × 10 cm

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