Feed Me mk3 – already assembled pedal


The FX Teacher Feed Me mk3 gives you access to two radically different versions of the classic vintage fuzz with a simple flip of a switch. Versatile and radical.

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a legendary fuzz that can be customized with no limits

Since the beginning of FX Teacher, the idea of making a fuzz in the spirit of the well-known British two-transistor from the mid-60s was under consideration.
Indeed, it’s such a simple circuit and sounds so good (probably the best ratio of simplicity to musicality) that it seemed logical to use it as an introduction to pedal building.
But of course we weren’t simply going to release another basic fuzz on the market, so we took advantage of the request from guitarists looking for a more sophisticated version of our Feed Me
to make it part of the FX Teacher range.

This third version of the Feed Me can be bought as a DIY kit or already assembled by our team (the safest choice if you don’t know the difference between a soldering iron and a jack).
And as always with FX Teacher, you have the choice between some components, in this case different values for the switch that cuts the bass,
in order to obtain a more or less drastic effect depending on the amp you will be connected to.

But the biggest new feature is the Crack function which is activated by a toggle switch, and gives you access to a second sound without having to change any of your settings.
The Smash pot becomes active and controls how much your transistors struggle, enough to no longer have any sustain, to achieve the famous gated fuzz effect that usually requires a separate pedal.
Two legendary sounds for all fuzz enthusiasts.

content of this pack

One Feed Me pedal assembled, tested, adjusted. In short, completely finished.
One bag of bonus components to better customize it.

additional information

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Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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