Feed Me mk3 – enclosure kit


The Feed Me enclosure kit. For a replacement enclosure, or to let the choice of the electronic part, with different options of true bypass.

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a legendary fuzz that can be customized with no limits

The Feed Me enclosure kit provides a ready-to-use enclosure to assemble your own pedal with 3PDT or relay true bypass and electronics kits.
The Feed Me kit is inspired by this famous circular fuzz pedal from the 60’s, modified by Roger Mayer.
Known for its richness and highs, it allows to get powerful fuzz, but also very warm cleans
by playing with the guitar’s volume.
The very simple circuit leaves a lot of space for modification, which we did not hesitate to do,
by proposing an ultra versatile interpretation, allowing to go way further than the original model!

the feed me now in diy kit!

After the mk1, which already brought a lot of improvements to the original circuit, then the mk2, with a plug and play approach without any controls,
the Feed Me is now part of the FX Teacher range, with a lot of customization features added,
for a unique fuzz that can be adjusted perfectly!

From the sound of the original 60’s model, to ultra massive and heavy tones with the custom bass setting,
The Feed Me also allows for various bias settings, for velcro or gated fuzz tones. An incredible range of sounds!

content of this pack

One Feed Me enclosure with Anasounds design and all the holes already drilled.
Three transparent knobs.
One power supply jack screwed and glued to the box.

what you might be missing to assemble this kit

One tester for the FX Teacher method.
Soldering tools, here is our selection if you don’t have enough.
One Feed Me kit – electronic components.
One true bypass kit with 3PDT or relay.

additional information

To discover in detail the Feed Me, click here.

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then follow the instruction article right here.

For the Feed Me already mounted, click here.

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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