did you ever dreamed about being the designer of your own pedal? are you tired of buying pedals that are not designed by yourself?

then, the anasounds custom shop is made for you !

here, you’ve got all the rights to decide what your pedal will look like, so 3, 2, 1, let’s be creative !

one single price of 249€ / $249 whatever your choice will be among more than 80.000 possibilities


choose your faceplate

dark color ? wood lover ? bright finish so everyone will look at your unique (fabulous) pedalboard ?

you are the creator now so choose the faceplate you prefer:

wood : mahogany or bamboo

metal finish acrylic : gold or silver

colored acrylic : red, purple, green, white, grey, blue (2 shades), black


choose your light

you’ve been following us since our beginnings and you are a big fan of the emerald lighting anasounds logo, this light is available on the custom shop.

you can’t see this light anymore or you just don’t like this color, you can be more classic and choose a white light

you want some discretion on your creation, you can choose a simple led to place wherever you want on your pedal/design


choose your knobs

transparent ? white ? black ?

go deep in customization by choosing your knobs

choose the same knobs on the entire pedal or mix them for a more personal and eccentric finish

to create your custom pedal, anasounds proposes 2 options for you

249€ / $249 : use the configurator available online

299€  / $299 : contact us by email for a high custom demand (vectorization of an image or drawing, position/height of the drawing, font)

discover the limited editions



magali loves to release her creativity in designing limited editions of anasounds products.

you will find special artwork engraved on wood/acrylic, some settings removed or added, colored enclosures …

as they are limited editions, we usually produce only few quantities because of the differences with the usuals production processes

love one of our limited creations ? don’t ask yourself twice and shop it now !

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