bunble true tone 1 spot | the inexpensive solution to power up to 8 pedals!


A powerful 9V power supply bundle for all of your pedals that can go up to 1700mA!

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 a 9v power supply for all of your effect pedals

This switching power supply is developed by True Tone in the USA and is dedicated to guitar pedals!
Indeed, it permits to provide a proper and stable 9V while it can deliver up to 1.7 Amps. Which is large enough for your real need in guitar effect pedals.

how to use it

The common and best way to use it is to plug 1 different power supply on each guitar pedal. This way your power supply are 100% isolated.
Also this is a clever way to buy one by one instead of acquiring directly a big power block.

The other way is to buy this bundle with a 1 Spot and a daisy chain. This way your power supply doesn’t feed 1 pedal but up to 8 pedals.
This bundle also includes 2x 3.5mm mini jack adapters, 2x battery adapters for vintage pedals that do not have a power connector,
and a Line 6 and Digitech RP100 adapter.

The bad side of this is that if one of your pedal is not internally properly filtered, any noise coming from it will be dispatched to the other pedals.
This is why people choose to take a full power block.
For that, we’ve made an article to find out exactly what kind of power supply to choose according to your needs, and find the ideal solution to power a pedalboard.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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