mono patch bay jack | to wire your pedals and switchers | custom lengths available

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Hand-assembled pedalboard patch cables with Sommercable connectors and cable.


you said patch?

Because we know how important are your jacks for your tone, we’ve decided to create specific patch for you!

The quality of the materials is selected to be handmade without any compromise and to keep your tone safe.

how we make our jacks

Every steps are handmade as from our habits, we wire strip the cables, solder them to the connector, assemble everything and make various testing

to be sure that your jack keep the tone and will never brake down with time.

Something interesting to know is that the Sommercable Spirit XXL we use is really large compared to the cheaper spirit xs (that you find everywhere online).

Why we’ve chosen it ? One reason is that when everything is assembled, it is so large that the connector blocks it and prevents from flipping when touring and giging.

That’s the only way to be sure that the cable will last on time.

on demand pedalboard wiring up

We’ve already done this for our demo board and for a lot of musicians.

We can do 64.5cm or any other dreaming lenght you want.

Just ask us and we’ll make it for you. A little bit more expensive but designed specifically for your pedalboard!

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

10cm (4"), 15cm (6"), 25cm (10"), 35cm (14"), 50cm (20"), 65cm (25.5"), 1m (40")

jack format

straight/straight, straight/90°angled, 90°angled/90°angled

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