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Enjoy an organized, neat and coherent pedalboard set-up with Tidy Cables Duo cable management solution. This accessory will allow vertical cable routing apart from the horizontal that Tidy Cables SE offers. Designed for all Aclam pedalboards, wrap up your perfect pedalboard!

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While the Aclam Tidy Cables SE offers a cable management solution which can handle horizontal routing needs, the Tidy Cables Duo
broadens the options to deliver vertical channeling as well. Keep cables tidy!



Tidy Cables Duo and Tidy Cables SE differ in the clamp that the first one incorporates to hold the cables and route them
horizontally. This solution keeps cables tidy in a similar way a zip cable tie would do. But with the advantage of not having to
break it each time you want to re-do cabling.
This resistant polypropylene clip will keep cables tidy across the board. And can be placed and removed as many times as needed
without losing its main feature.
Tidy Cables Duo includes five units of these clips. Check the Tidy Cables Pack if you wish to combine the two different
tidy cable options.



Plan were your pedals will go, the patch cables you will use, the location for your power supply and discover how wonderful
these accessories are to keep cables tidy and a good-looking pedalboard.
Tidy Cables Duo are excellent for routing cables from underneath the board, in case you are using one of our Support for
pedal power supplies, either the Top Routing pedalboards or the Free Routing options.
Detect pedalboard issues quickly with organized cables, save space and protect your sound chain from unwanted disconnections.
Attach it to the board using the grooves by just pressing and remove with a simple pull, as many times as you need.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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