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The Magellan SPK225 from Sommercable is the reference for making custom speaker cables!

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a custom cable

The Sommercable Magellan SPK225 is the reference for speaker cables.
This cable is available by meter and allows you to make your own custom speaker cables.
It is a coaxial cable specially designed for high power, generated by the amp to make the speaker move.

With this cable, we use our straight or angled premium jacks, for a heavy cable!
We also make ready-to-use, hand-assembled speaker cables with a wide range of different lengths.

speaker cable

In contrast to guitar cables, this cable is designed to support the high power that the amp sends to the cab.
It is therefore not recommended to use our other cable models to make a speaker cable, as this could damage the amp’s output transformer.

Inversely, this cable is not ideal for making a guitar cable.
For guitar cables, we use Spirit LLX, or Spirit XXL for pedalboard patches.

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