speaker cable | to connect a cab to the amp | custom lengths available

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High quality hand-assembled speaker cable with Hicon connectors and Sommercable cable.


french made cables!

All our cables are hand assembled on our premises. The quality of the materials used is of course selected.

Our speaker cables are built with Sommercable Magellan SPK225 cable, and straight or angled premium connectors.

speaker cable

In contrast to guitar cables, this cable is designed to support the high power that the amp sends to the cab.
It is therefore not recommended to use our other cable models to connect an amp to a cab, as this could damage the amp’s output transformer.

Inversely, this cable is not ideal for guitar cable use.
For this purpose, we make a range of quality guitar cables and pedalboard patches. With some of the best performances on the market!

standard or reversed polarity?

We generally use the standard polarity.
But if you need a cable with reversed polarity, if you have two cabs that are not in phase, or for some other reason, we can do it too!

Weight 0,1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

35cm (14"), 50cm (20"), 1m (40")


standard, reversed

jack format

straight/straight, straight/90°angled, 90°angled/90°angled

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