Ego Driver – electronic kit


The electronic kit for the Ego Driver only.

This is new the electronic kit only compatible
with the new grey and black Ego Driver enclosure.

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the ego driver

Inspired by a popular green mid-boost overdrive, the Ego Driver is a perfect companion,
allowing to boost a crunched amp as well as to provide a warm and organic overdrive.

The Ego Driver can reproduce the vintage sound of the original pedal from which it was inspired,
but it also provides more dynamics thanks to its 18V headroom,
while offering many additional settings for a custom sound.
This is where the FX Teacher concept makes a difference, allowing to create your own overdrive, customize it,
and understand how to set it up to optimize the sound, thanks to all the documentation available on our website.

a new design, and a new voicing

The Ego Driver is the first pedal released under the FX Teacher line.
Since then, the range has expanded with new products, and an identity has been established between the different models
(new black enclosure, grey and black design, interchangeable footswitch system…).

That’s why we decided to update the Ego Driver, in order to match this new identity.
The circuit remains the same, with only one change.
Indeed, we decided to reconsider the choice of capacitors for the voicing terminal block.
The 22nF, our favorite for strong high mids, is now the upper position of the voicing switch.
Secondly, the three additional capacitors allow for a wider range in the low mids, for even more versatility.

content of this pack

Everything you need to make your Ego Driver from A to Z! In other words:

1 kit with all the necessary components.
1 PCB Ego Driver.
1 bag of bonus components to better customize it.

BE CAREFUL, this electronic kit is only compatible with the new grey and black enclosure !
For the kit compatible with the old blue and white enclosure, it’s here.

what you might be missing to assemble this kit

1 Ego Driver enclosure kit or a blank enclosure to customize.
1 true bypass kit with 3PDT or relay.
1 tester to use the FX Teacher assembly method.
Soldering tools, here is our selection if you don’t have enough.

additional information

To discover in detail the Ego Driver, click here.

To order it, it’s right here. Just add the product to the cart,
then follow the instruction article right here. (CHANGER LE LIEN)

For the Ego Driver already mounted, click here.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 cm

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