True bypass kit – relay v2


A true bypass kit with relay easy to make, and interchangeable on the FX Teacher pedals without having to unsolder!
It will allow to have a silent footswitch without click, and more resistant over time.

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v1 or v2?

With our new FX Teacher kits, we decided to upgrade the footswitch.
Indeed, maybe you want to upgrade your kit with this true relay bypass, more resistant and without click when activated?
Or simply change a broken 3PDT, without having to unsolder anything?

The old V1 true bypass kits were soldered directly to the PCB of the pedal, with pins that were not easy to place correctly.
So we developed on the new V2 kits a removable footswitch system, that you can replace without unsoldering anything!
Whether it’s to replace a broken or badly soldered footswitch on a DIY kit, or to move to a relay soft switch without clicking, the footswitch can be interchanged at will.

V1                                                                                                                                                                              V2

which true bypass model to choose?

Need to change the footswitch on an old kit that uses two 4 pins connectors?
The new V2 kits are not compatible, but we still propose the old V1 versions of the 3PDT true bypass and relay true bypass.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to use the soldering iron and desoldering pump.

You are a DIYer and have already assembled a recent FX Teacher kit that uses the new V2 footswitch with a 2×6 pins connector? Then assembling a true bypass kit won’t scare you!
You can upgrade your kit with this relay model, which is much more durable and uses a soft switch, which doesn’t make a click when pressed.
Or simply go back to a 3PDT kit if you damaged yours.

Did you order a pre-assembled pedal because soldering is not for you? We also propose 3PDT and relay V2 kits already assembled.
All you have to do is unscrew your old footswitch and plug the new one into the pedal. Make sure you have the new version of footswitch inside the pedal before you order.

how to assemble it

To assemble the kit, just follow the instructions in our article on the true bypass. We also explain the purpose and working of the true bypass.

contents of the kit

A soft switch without click
A PCB for the FX Teacher true bypass relay kit
A connector to connect the kit to the pedal
A 5V relay
Two stereo female jacks
SMD version components already soldered on the PCB for the relay control

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 cm

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