fx power source – 8x 9v, 2x 12v and 2x 18v – full kit


To power up to 8x 9V, 2x 12V pedals and 2x 18V pedals, and up to 200mA per output! Large enough for most pedals on the market.


why the fx power source 9v, 12v and 18v bundle?


You have a massive board with a huge variety of pedals, and you need to power it all up? With this Power Source 9, 12 and 18V bundle, you can
power up to 8x 9V pedals, which corresponds to most pedals on the market, and also 2x 12V and 2x 18V pedals.

If you don’t need so many outputs, and 9V outputs are enough for you, you can look at the 8x 9V bundle. And if you still need 12V outputs,
there is the 6x 9V + 2x 12V bundle!

And if these bundles are not enough, there is always the possibility to add additional boards to
make you a perfectly adapted power supply for your board!


an extremely modular and high-performance power supply!


The big advantage of the FX Teacher power supply is that it is made of boards that you can connect and remove as many times as you want. So if you expand your board,
no need to change your power supply, you just have to add a board for your new pedals!
You can put up to 30 of them, which means 60 pedals!

In addition, it’s a fun kit that will help you understand how a power supply works.
We have written articles to help you assemble it while explaining the function of each component you are soldering.
That way you know exactly what you are assembling!

And if you’re not yet equipped to assemble a kit, we propose you a whole bunch of tools and packs, which we use on our factory to build our pedals!
Or you can participate in one of our masterclasses if you prefer to be supervised and we lend you the right tools!


what you can do with an fx power source 9v, 12v and 18v


With this power supply, you will be able to power 90% of the pedals on the market. Each board is limited to 200mA and has 2 outputs, which means that you can plug
2x 100mA pedals, or a pedal that takes more with a less consuming one. It doesn’t seem like much, but most of the pedals need less than 60mA!

If you ever have a pedal that requires more current, you can always put a Y-cable between 2 boards to go up to 400mA.
And if that’s still not enough, there’s our Anasounds K+ Power Source, with a technology that allows up to 1A per output!
With this you can power even the most powerful tube preamps!

With the power supply, we provide you with 2 brackets, which allow you to fix it safely to your pedalboard.
We thought them to be compatible with most pedalboards on the market (Pedaltrain, Aclam, Temple Audio, etc…).


what’s included?


In this bundle you have:

A main power supply unit (different mains plugs available depending on the country)
24V IN and 24V THRU boards
4 SUPPLY 9V boards, i.e. 8x 9V outputs
A SUPPLY 12V board, i.e. 2x 12V outputs
A SUPPLY 18V board, i.e. 2x 18V outputs
2 brackets, with the screws and nuts to mount it on your board
21 cables 2.1 x 5.5mm, to connect your pedals
(3 of 25cm, 9 of 35cm, 3 of 45cm, 3 of 60cm, 2 of 90cm and 1 with reversed polarity)

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
your country's iec plug

Australia, China, Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, European Union (except Italy) / South Korea, Italy, United Kingdom

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