multimeter | to check voltages and measure resistors


An indispensable multimeter to test your kits during assembly, to measure voltages, resistors, currents, transistors…

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the essential tool for building and debugging a pedal

The multimeter is a real Swiss army knife essential to any DIYer who manipulates electronic devices.
It will be extremely useful when assembling a pedal, to check voltages at different points of the circuit,
measure resistors to avoid using the color code, test the continuity of the traces between the components…
or simply measure the power consumption of your pedal.

A standard multimeter can measure at least DC and AC voltages, currents in mA and A and resistance in Ohm.

a whole bunch of extra features

This multimeter allows you to go even further, measuring also capacitors, but also testing diodes and finding the anode, cathode and threshold voltage,
transistors to measure their hFE… in other words a whole bunch of functions that can be useful when designing an effects pedal.

It is the ultimate tool to purchase when starting a DIY project, and will be useful in many circumstances, including projects other than audio electronics.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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