Toolkit for effect pedals | perfect for masterclass


With this toolkit you will have the same material as in our masterclasses,
to assemble and test your effect pedals in kit.

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toolkit for effect pedals

This toolkit contains everything you need to assemble and test an effect pedal. It contains the same material that is available in our masterclasses.
Ideal if you have absolutely no equipment at home and want to invest for the long term!

It’s suitable for regular use, and also contains everything you need to debug and repair your pedals, including a multimeter and a desoldering pump.

pack content

A soldering iron from the Japanese brand Goot. 30W. Works really well with lead free soldering and soldering iron tips age well too.
A flat tip for your CXR41 solder iron because we consider that this is essential!
Leadfree tin, 50g, Sn99.3 Cu0.7 1mm wide. Tested and approved for a good result without hassle.
A 2 in 1 soldering iron stand. Primordial to avoid burning the whole place down.
Tip renovator, to get a clean tip and save it for a longer time!
Desoldering wick, and desoldering pump, works perfectly with your flux pen to remove any mistakes!
Rotative PCB holder to solder in confort, with good vibes and without mistakes!
3rd hand with its magnifying glass, it helps to prepare jacks, wires and also the magnifier helps our good old friends!
Professional cutting plier. Nothing special except it does its job perfectly.
Stripping pliers, to strip the cables!
A flat-head screwdriver. Basically a screwdriver. I guess you must have 10 or 12 at home but they get lost as easily as picks!
A Phillips screwdriver PHOO. Did you know that the actual name is Philips and not cross-headed?
Wrench to assemble everything with your pedal!
Multimeter, to check the voltages.
An FX Teacher tester to check the voltages and signals during assembly.

origins of these products

Tools are obviously made in Asian country, but it is made on the right way.
Our importer is in France and he will do the after-sales service for us, which shows their commitment about the quality of their tools.

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm

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