savage & high voltage – ltd edition


savage overdrive = dynamic amp
high voltage overdrive = plexi amp
savage + high voltage = jcm800 like amp!

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1 overdrive, 2 overdrives…

we are glad to present you our new format, a double overdrive pedal !

one high voltage and one savage in the same enclosure ! what a dream for our folks.

what this limited edition includes

  • 1 savage overdrive, which is our transparent overdrive inspired by the klon centaur.
  • 1 high voltage overdrive which is a plexi amp simulation really close from the ac/dc tones.
  • 1 small switch allows you to invert the 2 pedals in the signal chain. ex, high voltage into the savage or the savage into the high voltage.
  • 1 power supply management. you just have to plug a 9v supply on the back of the pedal, then we duplicate it, separate it and filter it. tt supplies all the system and prevents from noise!
  • both pedals are true bypass with relay switching and soft clic footswitch.
  • 1 bumper buffer is included before both the pedals to be ready for stage !

what you can ear in the video

the different warm tone you can here in the video are the following :

  • on the rythms on the start, the plexi tone comes from the high voltage alone, in front of the simulation system from two notes (le clean + le cab)
  • on the licks at the end, we keep the high voltage with the same setting and then, we activate the savage as a gain booster ! this rad combination gives harmonics and colors close from a jcm800. what a wonderful world !

it’s now your turn to find your own tone thanks to this limited edition !

this is live, now !

we propose this double overdrive pedal for 299€,

we decided to manufacture only 50 pieces that are registered, after that it’s over.

truely, 50 pieces !

Weight 0,6 kg
Dimensions 14,5 × 12,1 × 39,3 cm
external controls

bass cut, chain invert switch, gain, out, tone

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