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find back the tone from ac/dc with this plexi distortion pedal !

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find back the tone from ac/dc with this plexi distortion pedal !

as malcolm young said “nobody would pay attention to anything that was going on until you kicked them right in the teeth with it. », it is in this spirit that the high voltage was designed, a plexi distortion pedal that strongly smash publics’ face. thanks to his bass killer switch, the chords are powerful and they easily stand out in the mix! this is the end of sticky and fuzzy distortions which drool everywhere. only good sound, dynamics and energy.

it is from this perspective that the anasounds team, advised by fans of ac/dc, developed this new pedal. at first, the sound was supposed to be close from a marshall plexi pushed to 11 but finally they made a frequency analysis of « it’s a long way to the top (if u wanna rock’n’roll) » from the album high voltage. the chords of the intro are so powerful, so clear and so recognizable, that it was time to launch a pedal that finds back their tone more easily.

do not be mistaken, with all the available pots and trimpots, it is also very easy to create its own tone!

about controls

regarding controls, you will find the classic gain pot, which starts from a slight transparent overdrive and finishes on a very powerful distortion, accompanied by humbuckers. obviously, we do not speak about a big metal compression/tone, but rather of a plexi amp pushed up to its cuttings off or even of a jcm800 which begins to roar.

the second pot sets the output volume, this simple but so effective element offers near from 40v of dynamics. we suggest to use it pushed to 11, with less gain, and you will understand what we like.
finally, the tone control of this distortion was a real subject for anasounds. a classic distortion often takes all the frequencies and amplify them without selection. in that case, unfortunately bass will drool, the trebles will smash your eardrums and you are finally lost in the mix. this is why the tone pot is accompanied by a bass switch that allows you to cut the bass, then you easily stand out in the mix. we are also if we want to add bass, for an impressing sensation at low volume, or to play home for example!

and of course, trimpots

to finish, the magic trimpot of voicing is always present, allowing to get more modern saturation or to have a warmer and vintage sound.
it is accompanied by a treble cut switch which is activated by default. because when you listen to malcolm’s song, there is nothing over 4khz!

download the full manual here

or get more info here on the product page


Weight 0,49 kg
Dimensions 11,8 × 6,4 × 5,9 cm
external controls

bass cut, gain, out, tone

input impedance


integrated circuits

opa texas instruments

internal controls

treble cut, voicing

OPA dynamic

40v effective!

output impendance


power consumption



11.8*6.4*5.9 cm


external 9v dc, negative polarity. hum and noise filter inside the pedal.


soft clic footswitch + true bypass relay

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