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flux pen

The flux used in this pen is the same one you can find in your tin wire.
When you use your tin, you strip the pad insulator that was created due to oxidation.
Once stripped, the board is clear and then you can do a clean a durable welding!
It’s about this time that you begin soldering.

directions for use

The problem happens a few weeks late, when you realize a welding is faulty, oxidation is back.
Then  the flux contained in the tin has evaporated!
You can no longer use this flux to unsolder a component by heating it.
You’ll need a better solution!
First, you can re-flux the area with a good dose of “raw” tin on it.
Or basically spray flux on the area thanks to this pen.

This very convenient tool belongs to the after sales service, for our repairs.
Then the board is new again!
It is not a must have for your first kits but but you can already think about it for the future.

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Dimensions 16 × 12 × 8 cm

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